Prenatal yoga classes in Singapore for bad backs

Weaker back muscles or overworked muscles in your back cause unbearable backache. The lousy back might not a chronic, but it is common and may last for an uncertain period. By practicing some simple yoga postures regularly, your lousy back would turn into a healthy back and strengthen your back muscles to get rid of any further occurrence of back pain. It has been proved in several studies that some of the Yoga Postures (asanas) are an effective practice that can take care of back pain followed by stretching and relaxing of muscles.

Downward-Facing Dog Pose (AdhoMukhaSvanasana)

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Reasonably this pose is one of the most widely recognized yoga poses and prenatal yoga classes singapore. This pose ensures an all-over rejuvenating stretch on your body and back muscles. Practice this posture for an elongated cervical spine and strengthened core, hamstrings, and lower back. It is pronounced as AH-doh MOO-kahshvah-NAHS-anna. In Sanskrit Adho means downward; mukha means to face and svana means dog.

Note: Do not perform this posture if you have severe carpal tunnel syndrome or are in late-term pregnancy. Also avoid this pose if you have any back, neck, ark or shoulder injury. Prohibited for patients suffering from high blood pressure, eye or inner ear infections.

These Yoga postures are also much helpful to circulate more blood flow in the painting area and around the spine to get a quick recovery. This ancient practice of Yoga Poses have shown the healing power into it for treating bad back and get you back the more flexible, powerful muscles in your back.