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Getting Started

Introductory Sessions

The only way to begin your training at CrossFit Genesis is with an introductory session. These are held by appointment only – contact us to schedule one.

Our introductory session is a complimentary one-on-one training session in which you’ll get a chance to learn  about our program and experience a CrossFit workout for yourself.  The introductory session is a prerequisite for taking a class.  Its purpose is to help us serve you better by getting to know your goals, expectations, fitness level, and experience.  After your introductory session, you can choose one of several membership options that give you access to our group fitness program and classes.

Try It From Home!

If you want to try our workouts, you can start immediately by going to our blog and checking out our daily workouts, also called workouts of the day (or WODs).  Another great place to start is on our links page, where you can find lists of workouts that don’t require any equipment.  These are a good example of the style of our training and classes. However, be careful: these workouts were designed for elite athletes and are very difficult – we have a few suggestions for getting started:

High intensity is part of the design of CrossFit and is required to get the full benefits. At these high intensities, your body will respond and recover with very high neurological and endocrine (hormonal) adaptation (neuroendocrine response). This is the “secret” behind the effectiveness of the workout of the day and why it will enable you to develop world-class fitness, usually in twenty minutes or less per workout!

If you run in to difficulties on your own, want to get personal or group instruction, or want to simply learn more, we suggest the following resources:

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