Get your favorite fruits delivered to your home

The food delivery business has definitely got a huge profit in the Covid-19 period. As most of the restaurants were closed, people got only one option and that is to get their favorite things online. Along with the food, even fruits and vegetables were delivered wherever the customers were. Durian is one of the most popular fruit in Singapore that is not found everywhere. Also, it is not carried by the people everywhere due to its smell and it is the same reason why people do not frequently buy in western countries. Although it is difficult to find, there is a lot of health benefits associated with the fruit. People can get durian delivery in Singapore easily through durian36.

What is it about?

Durian36 is a well-known store that has all kinds of durian fruit. It is already popular as it was previously named as Fruits Top 1 Department Store having over 20 years of experience. They not only provide to individual customers but also to parties, events, and other buffets. Through their service, they are able to communicate with several clients who also become their loyal customers.

Wherever you go, the authentic taste of durian will always be with you when you buy from durian36. They provide free delivery if you order above SGD80 and even deliver it within 60-min upon the availability of slots. Whenever you feel the need to taste it, you can order it from their website and get durian delivery in Singapore. Get in there, browse the catalog and choose the durian you want.

If you are organizing an event, you can rely on their products as it also serves to be healthy and full of good for the overall health of people. They are primarily focused on providing the best and most convenient modes of durian fruit to all at their own convenience without disrupting any other process or operation.