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About CrossFit Genesis

Transforming Lives By Forging Unimaginable Strength

Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance.
- Steven Pressfield, “The War of Art”

Everyone who visits CrossFit Genesis has at least some small inkling that there’s something more within them.

It’s the thirty-something business executive who hasn’t worked out in years. It’s the forty-something mom who is in great shape, but might want to try something different. It’s the active fifty-something who wants to remain active for many more decades.

For every one of these people, there’s something more inside. There’s the person that they could be. The person they only dream of being. The person they might not even dare to imagine.

What if you could convince one of these people that magic truly exists in the world? Furthermore, you know some magic. Just one piece of magic, but a really cool one: you could make them strong, fit, lean and athletic. Their clothes would fit better, they’d look good naked, become more confident and live a long and active life.

Then you’d ask, “would you like to see this magic? I can perform it on you if you’d like.” If you really, truly convinced them that this was possible, what would they say?  Would anyone say no?

It’s real. We have the magic power to help someone realize their true potential. Why wouldn’t someone say yes to magic like this?

What if this magic cost a few thousand dollars? Still worth it? What if it took a year for this transformation to occur? Would people still want you to perform this magic on them? Remember, this is a hypothetical situation where everyone knows this magic is real. Sure, maybe a few people would turn it down — there’s a price tag on it now. But most people would still say yes.

Everyone has an unlived life they want to live. “I wish I could do this, I wish I had that,” we always say. How many people do you know who have never joined a gym, gone for a walk or run, or owned a piece of exercise equipment? Virtually no one. At some level, everyone wants more for themselves.

The problem is not people’s desire to change. It’s the fact that a billion things stand in the way of this magic working. There are so many things in the way, people are convinced they don’t want to change, or don’t even believe it’s possible. But deep down, people DO want to more out of their lives and they CAN have more, even it’s not something they’ll admit.

Our job is not just to give people the tools in the gym or in the kitchen to make magic happen. Nor is it just to create a cool community of people that like to hang out together. Those things are part of what we provide, but they’re already available outside of CrossFit Genesis in many different forms.

We help people get past the billion things that prevent this magic from working. We help people get past the things that stand in the way of admitting what they want out of their lives.

This is how lives are transformed. This is what transformation is all about.

“Transforming lives by forging unimaginable strength.”


What is CrossFit?

CrossFit has transformed thousands of lives over the last decade. It is what makes the program so effective in that it is designed for anybody and everybody. How is that even possible? Well, check this out: CrossFit is infinitely scalable which means that there is no one person, movement, injury, or lack of ability that can’t be modified. None of those things will keep you from completing a workout in this gym! Thus making it the perfect training regimen for any committed individual regardless of age, gender or ability. Our athletes consist of normal, everyday people from all walks of life. If you have what it takes to come in to see what it's about then that alone is half the battle. Prove yourself and challenge yourself like you never have before. We don’t require you to change to be a part of CrossFit Genesis - You do all the hard work and you'll see and feel the change within yourself. It truly is amazing.

As a CrossFit affiliate, we abide by its methods, principles and concepts, using workouts that are constantly varied in nature. Movements, distances, reps, durations are always changing. This means it will never get boring! Everything we do at CrossFit Genesis is functional – we don’t use machines, we use our bodies as the machine. And intensity? Absolutely. CrossFit is intense and yes, it is hard. (Gasp!) Believe it or not – that’s what you came here for. Guess what else? Intensity brings the results. You were born to do these movements and it’s our job to help you push yourself to your fullest potential. We track our progress through what we call “data”. By tracking your scores, weights, and times you are able to see exactly where you’re growing and progressing in your fitness.


What We Do

We run, jump, climb, push, pull, lift, press, squat, carry, throw, and catch. We do so utilizing OUR ENTIRE BODY; not purposely isolating a certain muscle group. Every workout involves compound, multi-joint exercises.

From the explosive strength and power benefits of Olympic and Powerlifting to the balance/coordination/agility skills of gymnastics, CrossFit Genesis incorporates real sport and skill that has proven the test of time! 

Our programming requires minimum to no equipment but does require quality professional expertise on the part of our staff.

Our classes our leveled to a Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced level so that intensity and resistance is adapted to each individual’s current fitness level, regardless of conditioning and experience level.

We guarantee that you will discover the best results of your life through our program. Our knowledgeable staff lives and breathes this program right along side you, to ensure that we can provide you the best product through experience and expertise.

Our coaches are professionals in every sense of the word.

You won't be shown how to use many 'circuit' machines; BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE MACHINES. Your body is all the machine you need.

Our goal is performance.

We track and measure everything at CrossFit Genesis so you can have your personal fitness gains measured, observed and repeated. Your data is individual to YOU! This information is your personal motivational tool for your next attempt when workouts are revisited to chart growth. Although our workouts are always varied and different in nature, we do repeat workouts to do that very thing. Measure your performance in your sport!

Group training.

The group classes offer a high level of personal attention with the addition of positive peer influence. Your class is your team and the other members in that class are your teammates. Natural camaraderie, competition and fun of sport yield competition and intensity that is unparalleled. CrossFit is the only sport where the person who finishes last gets the loudest cheers. Private and semi-private training is available upon request.

There are no expensive machines, televisions, spas, saunas, mirrors or smoothie bars.

Our method fosters teamwork, camaraderie, motivation, focus, community, family and a sense of belonging. We combine strength training and monostructural movement (Where’s the cardio?!) using a different workout every day that is both timely and effective.

We do not have hidden fees or agendas.

The only requirement we have is that you commit to giving us your best effort every time you step foot in our gym. We commit to providing safe, effective and efficient paths to elite fitness to those who desire to be a part of who we are and what we do.


This is what REAL fitness is about... not the appearance of it.


How We Do It - The Truth

In our training we are working on improving our general skills that will enhance our sport, work and life. Remember that routine is our enemy! We post our workouts on our website daily to keep you engaged in the day-to-day excitement of our programming.

You as the athlete carry a lot of responsibility in regards to your progress. Regular attendance and compliance are such a huge part of your individual success. HOWEVER, there is one other HUGE piece of what we do, it is actually the foundation of any successful development for athletes. Are you ready? You guessed it …. NUTRITION. The dreaded words that so many avoid or deny simply because we like what we like, right? The real deal is this - without a sound diet and nutrition plan, no fitness program on Earth will help you you reach your true potential. The success our members achieve is 90% due to the way they eat.

Don’t say diet … just don’t. Similar to CrossFit, clean eating is a way of life. It is developing healthy habits that fuel not only our workouts but provide mental clarity, quality sleep, and balanced hormone levels. If you’re interested in learning more about clean eating, please feel free to contact on of our Coaches.

How can you begin a healthy diet without the hassle? In a nutshell, do the following in this order:

"Eat meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and NO SUGAR. Keep intakes to level that support exercise and not body fat."

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